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Product/Service Categories

This service is currently FREE to use. It has been designed primarily, but not exclusively, to assist buyers in the education sector to help them find what they need quickly and at the best price.

Stationery & Calculators, Communication & Office Equipment (excl Printers & Scanners)

(27,520 product lines and 55 school suppliers featured)

Art 1 – Painting, Colouring, Drawing Products, Arts & Craft Surfaces & Adhesives

(25,893 products listed and 58 school suppliers featured)

Art 2 – All Other Arts & Crafts

(28,468 products listed and 58 school suppliers featured)

Audio Visual, Communications, ICT, IT, Visual Reality & Robotics

(28,907 products listed and 54 school suppliers featured

Awards (Trophies, Badges, Plaques, Shields, Medals, Stickers & Certificates

(4,867 products listed and 18 school suppliers featured)

Baby (Feeding, Sleeping & Hygiene)

(758 products listed and 26 school suppliers featured)

Catering Equipment, Food & Drink

(23,053 products listed and 29 school suppliers featured).

Citizenship, PSHE & SEN Products

(2,632 products listed and 8 school suppliers featured)

Design & Technology (including Engineering) Products

(13,911 products listed and 28 suppliers featured)

EYFS Play (excl Sensory SEN Play)

(21,254 products listed and 28 suppliers featured)

First Aid, Health & Hygiene, Fire Protection, Building Maintenance & Security Products

(12,970 products listed and 56 suppliers featured)

Geography, Weather & Environment

(1,495 products listed and 18 suppliers featured)

History & Religious Education

1,759 products listed and 57 school suppliers featured)

Indoor Furniture, Furnishings, Storage, Signage, Trolleys, Easels, Boards & Accessories

( 38,864 listed and 83 school suppliers featured)

Literacy, English, Reading, Storytelling & MFLs

(3,423 products listed and 8 school suppliers featured)

Musical Instruments & Music Products

(32,715 products listed and 26 school suppliers featured)

Numeracy, Maths, Money, Shapes, Measuring, Weights, Clocks, Timers & Telling the Time

(9,837 products listed and 46 school suppliers featured)

Outdoor Furniture, Furnishings, Storage & Signage, Site Maintenance, Gardening, Camping, Nature & Natural Products

(4,070 products listed and 10 school suppliers featured)

Posters, Charts & Photopacks

(1,367 products listed and 14 school suppliers featured)

Printers & Scanners & Associated Products (excl Label Maker Printers)

(9,138 products listed and 6 school suppliers feature

School Builders, Additional Buildings, Light, Heat, Electrical, Environmental & Washroom Products

(4,750 products listed and 72 school suppliers featured)


(37,367 products listed and 22 school suppliers featured)

Sensory Products & Sensory Play

(2,591 products listed and 17 school suppliers)

Service Providers

(474 services listed and 182 school suppliers featured)


(291 products listed and 89 school suppliers featured)

Sports Equipment, PE & Fitness Products

(29,405 products listed and 31 school suppliers featured)

Theatre Furniture & Furnishings, Dance Products, Songs, Plays & Musicals

(1,206 products listed and 32 school suppliers featured)