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Stationery & Calculators, Communication & Office Equipment (excl Printers & Scanners)

By using the search box in the table below in the correct way, whoever is charged with sourcing products in schools will have access to an online, searchable catalogue featuring hundreds of suppliers and thousands of product and service lines, which is always bang-up-to-date, and can be accessed when needed with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Therefore, the need for suppliers, who currently contribute to the large volume of unsolicited promotional literature, to continue to so would be reduced. Ironically if we try to bring this service to the attention of your members we will be contributing to the same problem which is why we are hoping you will help us by bringing the service to their attention.

Before you use the search box below for the first time, please be aware that it works in a very specific way and, to get the best results, you need to be aware of the following golden rule.

  • The search box will find all the listings which contain the precise words that you enter into the search box.
  • BUT, if you enter any words into the search box which are not in the description used by the supplier on their website, it will ignore that listing altogether even though other words you have used in the search box are included.
  • Therefore, less is better. ONLY enter words or abbreviations which you are SURE any supplier, offering the product or service you seek, will use in their description. Then to further drill down to precisely what you need after your first search you can add additional words and, as you do so, the list will change.
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