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EDSUMA is a unique and FREE to USE facility which will list more than 300,000 different products, sold by hundreds of specialised suppliers to the education sector. Each listing will be a link which, when clicked on, takes you to the webpage of a supplier who sells that specific product or service.
The listings will be divided into 28 categories, which we are now starting to make available at the start of he summer term. with Art & Crafts. We will be mounting a national campaign to bring this long awaited new service to the notice of schools nurseries and colleges through out the United Kingdom.

This is Where your Journey of Discovery Starts

Enter a word in the Search Box below that best describes what you are looking to buy. We recommend using the singular and enclosing it within inverted commas. For example "Highlighter"
This wll return the category or categories which contain the word you entered. Click on the most appropriate then follow instructions.



Give teachers immediate access to a catalalogue of products and services   sold by more than 1200 specialist suppliers to the sector.

Eliminate the need for buyers to have to Google and the browse multiple websites to find whether the sell precisely what  they are looking  to buy and at what price.

If the service is supported, mean that suppliers featured will not have to send schools unsolicited  promotional literature and emails, which schools find so difficult to deal with.