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Welcome to Edsuma, the unique time-and-money-saving website that buyers in the education sector have been waiting for.

  • Edsuma is the only online catalogue of its kind
  • We have listed more than 500,000 products and services purchased by schools along with links to the website pages of specialist suppliers that sell them so you can quickly compare prices
  • The catalogue is organised into 28 easy-to-use categories
  • Choose just those Categories you need!
  • A modest annual fee of £10 per annum is charged for each Category purchased. This fee gives access to all staff of the purchasing body
  • If more than five Category listings are purchased by an educational establishment, the cost per category reduces to £5
  • Purchase all 26 categories and the cost per category reduces to just £3!

Keeping Edsuma Up-to-Date

  • In order to ensure that the data remains accurate, each of the product and service listings is checked at least once a week

Check Edsuma Out!

To get started and to check out the free Stationery Category, click here.

To check out the Workshop Providers and School Trip Venues listing Category, click here.